Race Route

Here is a detailed scrollable map of the 26km course.

To find out more about a rapid or obstacle, click on the marker of the rapid to display the obstacle name.

Below the map are links to pages for each of the rapids with YouTube video of the rapid from a paddler’s eye perspective! Remember you can set the resolution of these videos up to HD!

Alternative links to these videos can be found here.

To view the page containing the videos of the various obstacles on the course, click on the link below:
NB you can alter the quality of the video by clicking on the Settings option in the bottom right hand corner of the video screen, and setting it up to HD quality. Naturally the high the quality the slower the download time. Let it buffer and enjoy!
Albert Falls Weir
Bubble and Squeak rapid
Chicken Run
Broken Weir
The Cascades
Left Wing Party
S Bend
John Deere
Leguaan rapids
Last Laugh